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About us

Tomášov building is situated high above Zlín, a few steps from a forest. It bears the name of its founder Tomáš Baťa and used to serve as an elite school for future managers. You can find more details about the history of the building and its founder here.


Accommodation in a 4-star hotel

We offer luxury rooms with own TV, bathroom and free Wi-fi. The comfort of the rooms is completed by the wooden wall panelling. The rooms also offer a beautiful view of the regional town of Zlín and a peaceful sight of the forest where the Zlín castle used to stand.

Restaurant and Premises

In our restaurant, we highlight the perfect and sophisticated harmony of flavours and ingredients. During the summer season, you can enjoy our outside seating and outdoor terrace which are perfect spots for various social events (weddings, parties, important personal milestones). For corporate events, we recommend the foyer and a conference room equipped with a screen and data projector.

Medical Care

The building houses a private clinic specialised in infertility diagnostics and infertility treatment of couples from all around the world. The patients can also find there a gynaecological clinic and a pharmacy.

Private Wellness

For body and mind relaxation, a spa area located on the calm ground floor of the hotel is available for our guests as well as for the public. The relaxation zone contains a private whirlpool, Finnish sauna, massage rooms and fitness gym.

Permanent Historical Exhibition

In memory of the great work of T. Baťa, there is a permanent exhibition of photographs in the foyer of the building depicting crucial moments from the period when Tomášov served as a school for managers preparing for their future roles of senior executives and factory directors.



1st floor, Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery