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Transportation provided by HOTEL TOMÁŠOV


We can offer you transportation from Vienna, Brno, Bratislava, or Prague Airport to the Hotel Tomášov.


Zlín – Brno airport

 150 €

Brno airport – Zlín

 150 €

Zlín – Vienna airport Schwechat

 240 €

Vienna airport Schwechat – Zlín

 240 €

Zlín – Prague Václav Havel airport

 340 €

Prague Václav Havel airport – Zlín

 340 €

Zlín – Bratislava airport

 200 €

Bratislava airport – Zlín

 200 €



Dear passengers, please advise the transport coordinator on any changes regarding your international flight- both your incoming flight and your return flight. Please also let the transport coordinator know if your flight is delayed on the day of your arrival. Passengers will be collected at the airport at meeting points. The details about the meeting points are included in your confirmation letter.

The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the meeting point and he will be holding a sign with your name.

We ask all our passengers to email their phone numbers to the transport coordinator. It is necessary for us to be able to contact you should any unexpected situation arrive and cause a delay in the taxi arrival. 

Our company reserves the right to coordinate arrival pick-up time from the airport and departure time from the hotel. It means that we may kindly ask some of our clients to wait for another arriving client at the airport, should their flights arrive in a short space of time from each other. Or we may kindly ask some of our passengers to depart from Hotel Tomášov slightly earlier because of the early flight of another departing client. Sharing a taxi with another client will be compensated to you by a reduction of the taxi fees to half price for both clients (couples) sharing the service.

The transport provider Hotel Tomášov is liable for the damages caused by the delay of the transport to the airport in case where there is no evidence presented demonstrating that all possible measures were made by the transport provider or its staff to prevent the delay. The transport provider Hotel Tomášov will not be responsible for delays of the transport to the airport caused by unexpected events such as weather, road, and traffic conditions that have not been caused by the negligence of the company or its staff.

Our drivers are professional and provide you with a safe and stress-free journey to and from our hotel. Our vehicles will be equipped with child boosters, child seats, or baby seats on request. We are always eager to hear what you like and how we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact us on hotel@tomasov.cz

Travel and transport information 

Please find the bus and train connections:

Train and bus connection in the Czech Republic

Train connection company České Dráhy

Train connection private company Leo Express

Train and bus connection private company Student Agency 

If you travel by car, please find the motorway information.


Want a car rental in Zlín?

For reservations in English please contact our reception desk at hotel@tomasov.cz.

Reservation of transportation

For reservation fill THIS FORM no less then 5 working days before your arrival.

Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Brno airport

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