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Finnish Sauna

When you are in sauna, the hormone of happiness is released which boosts your mood. It has been proved that regular sauna bathing stimulates your neurovegetative system and thus improves health. Thanks to the up-to-date sauna system Klafs, you can set the temperature and moisture according to your needs.

The classic Finnish sauna with temperatures between 70 °C and 100 °C is the most favourite. The humidity of this type of sauna is low, around 3% only. It helps to clean the body from toxins, boost the immunity and eliminate stress. It helps to treat the cold feet syndrome in an effective way. In order to increase your relaxation, aromatherapy may be provided during your sauna bathing.


In order to maintain comfort and service quality, please book your stay in wellness area which includes not only sauna but also a private whirlpool in time.